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Javan Queiroz left his hometown, Dourados in Mato Grosso do Sul, in 1974. He moved to São Paulo and, in 1978, was hired to work as a headhunting consultant at the American multinational Snelling Snelling, which had offices in Brazil, the United States and Canada. During the first six months he carried out important projects to hire candidates for significant positions that had been opened long before.

However, in 1980, Javan was offered a position at Dunhill Personal System, a company with over 200 offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and Brazil. His performance was excellent and he stayed there for two years, but, in 1984, he left Dunhill to start his own consulting firm.

Javan Queiroz Consulting was his first company. He maintained the same level of services provided for the big multinational companies, and added an assistance focused on specific productive sectors. He started in the field of fragrances, perfume and flavors, working with well-known companies such as Givaudan, Firmenich, Quest and IFF. An initial significant position was that of a plant manager at Firmenich, where he became a general manager at the Brazilian branch.

From then on, Javan noticed the need for a service that was focused on selecting and hiring graduated professionals who were able to perform at technical divisions as well as at business positions in companies. Thus, he developed an Executive Search specialized in finding technical professionals for large companies.

He also incorporated the chemical and petrochemical sectors in his field of action. He developed projects for Dow Corning and Oxiteno, and for cellulose and paper companies, assisting important Brazilian corporations such as Votorantim Cellulose and Paper and Suzano Group.

With the growth of the company and the association of other consultants, Javan Queiroz Consulting became Javan Partners. There was an increase in activity and Javan Partners soon was hiring the best qualified professionals in agribusiness, mining and food industry.

Nowadays, Javan Partners develops a highly qualified Executive Search aiming at integrating quality, speed, and value into the clients’ businesses.

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