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  Paper and Cellulose

The investment in the integration of the paper and cellulose chain has been producing plausible results in the filed. Brazil is already the 7 th largest world producer of cellulose and the 12 th of paper.

Paper and Cellulose is a strategic area in the country because the national production of raw material is transformed into final products of considerable added value. A successful combination of high competitiveness, quality and high technical level of the industries is responsible for 11% of all exported products in Brazil, reaching 17 million tons.

The leaders in this vital sector for the Brazilian international performance know that innovation is the key element for the success in the global competition. As part of this scenery, Javan Partners offers an Executive Search that seeks the best technical human capital to improve the competitiveness of:
  • Paper and Cellulose Industry
  • Forests
We select chemical, mechanic, forest and environmental engineers who hold professional excellence and personal competence – leadership and innovation spirit, ability to work under pressure, to work in teams as well as many other characteristics that are essential to the modern administration standards.
Fields of Action:
Chemical Industry   Petrochemical Industry   Agribusiness
Paper and Cellulose   Food   Mining
    Life Science    

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