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  The Executive Search at Javan Partners is an efficient strategy in identifying the profile of the most suitable candidate for the position the company is offering. At the age of globalization, Javan Partners adds essential competitive advantages by searching for innovative professionals that are able to fit in to the cultural and organizational values of the companies.

The carefully designed steps of this system:

To diagnose, along with the client, the suitable technical, academic and behavioral profile and competencies.
The exclusive data bank, the active business network and personal headhunting strategies at Javan Partners, help search for and identify the professional that meets the needs of a company.
Interviews with the consultants and an evaluation of potential through the Personal Profile of Management Competencies (PPCG), especially developed for Javan Partners by a group of highly qualified psychologists and human resources professionals.This evaluation allows us to analyze the talents and competencies of the candidate.
4 th step: To arrange an interview for the candidate with the client.
The last step of the process involves assisting the companies in negotiating salary and contracts with the selected professional.

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Personal Profile of Management Competencies - PPCG
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