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  Innovation in Business Unit Administration

Javan Partners has faced the challenge of finding the right professional for a new position at a European multinational company.

As one of the leading companies in raw material for chemical specialties, such as paper, personal care products, plastic and food, they needed constant innovation.

So, the company has developed a new product to improve and help the paper industry. This sector became so successful that, in order to manage it, a new position had to be created. Thus, the company counted on the experience of Javan Partners to identify an executive to take the position of Director of the Paper Unit.

This talented professional would command product managers, sales managers and development and application engineers. The company needed a dynamic professional who worked well in teams and was confident to make decisions. The consultants at Javan Partners screened their Talent Bank and also developed a hunting process, producing a list of prominent professionals. The next step was scheduling interviews in order to get to know the candidates and the application of the PPCG (Personal Profile of Management Competencies), in which the behavior of professionals at the workplace is evaluated.

Focusing on the client’s expectations and having the specific knowledge of the demands of the chemical field, Javan Partners found the ideal candidate; a highly competent professional with strong leadership.

Due to this successful undertaking, the European multinational is now an associate of Javan Partners in developing new projects.

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